Understanding & Appreciating the Concept of Vintage

It is necessary to make a distinction between several aesthetic and/or esthetic phrases used in categorizing items of value being collected. This could help the novice collector avoid the pitfalls of being shortchanged with inauthentic items of no value at all.

No matter what is under the microscope of the distinguished collector, he knows his item of value is of vintage value when it refers to a set period of time. For instance, there are only so many artifacts that will refer to a certain era of the previous century.

This only requires a certain amount of logic to configure. For instance, a vintage car could only refer to periods of the previous century.

There just weren’t any cars around in the century before that. But there were many other classic items of value. For instance, you would be dealing with extremely rare finds if you were presented with a small collection of vintage cartier watches. Where would you find such collections? One thing is for certain, find them you will.

But this may a require a trip to Paris or Switzerland where a visit to any one of their distinguished watch museums is a must for any collector of antique, vintage or classic watches.

While vintage and classic may be beyond most, modern variants from the house of Cartier certainly are. Most watches remain expensive, however, but there are those.

It requires a visit to an established and reputable dealer to help you select a Cartier luxury item that you may be able to afford. You will find that the latest watches are a lot more affordable than those housed under the glass of a vintage collection.

But you could also put yourself in touch with a fine collector of watch classics, ideally, a collector of world renown. In terms of luxury jewelry items that bear the Cartier brand, most people will not even come close. But they can still acquire the iconic brand.

It is a precocious habit, to be sure, and yet people are doing it and they are wearing it. The gentlemen are wearing Cartier pullovers while the ladies are walking about with Cartier handbags. And the smokers have their distinctive Cartier lighters.

And that’s another item that qualifies as a collector’s item, when you think about it. Nevertheless, when people think of Cartier, not much thought is given to esthetics. It is all about buying into a certain lifestyle. If they cannot afford to wear the watch, they are garish enough to wear the brand in however form they have been given the opportunity to do so. So much so that they are even prepared to place the Cartier brand on a T-shirt.

You can almost hear the collector gasp and shudder. In any case, a reputable watch dealer that carries the brand, whether it’s vintage, secondhand or brand new is no longer beyond your reach, should you ever be interested in acquiring a Cartier timepiece, and it doesn’t have to be a wristwatch either.